Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth

Few of us have our computers connected to our hi-fi systems, which means we’re left with sub-standard audio from them, while in the living room sits a much better quality option that can’t be used.

Likewise, smartphones can now access all sorts of high-quality music services including Spotify, so why not connect them to high-quality output devices?

That’s what Logitech’s Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth audio devices does – you connect it to the mains and a hi-fi and it talks wirelessly to a PC or phone that may be in another room.

It will work with any audio device that will take a stereo (phono) or headphone-plug input, meaning you can transmit your electronic music to almost any audio device in the home.

Connection was simple – just press the connect button on the Speaker Adapter and set your phone or computer up to detect Bluetooth devices, then click or tap the Connect button on-screen.

Quality was good – we tried by playing Spotify music from a smartphone through an Onkyo amplifier and it was very impressive.

What is the Difference Between This Bluetooth Device and Other Devices?

It was slightly muffled compared with a ‘pure’ source such as a CD player wired directly to the amplifier, but still very listenable.

We found its range to be about 6m with walls and doors in the way – that’s enough for a small house, in larger places you may have to stay in the same room as the adapter for it to work.

Several devices can be connected to the adapter (a couple of laptops and a phone, for instance) though only one at once – if a laptop is already connected to the adapter.

For example, you won’t be able to connect the phone to it until the laptop has been disconnected (or you switch the laptop back to playing through its own speakers).

Still, given how cheap it is, this device is a good choice for anyone who wants to get better-quality sound from a mobile device.

Sound quality may not be quite top-notch but it’s great for accompanying film viewing on a laptop screen or playing music from a smartphone.