AOL Computer Checkup software

Computer Checkup

AOL’s Computer Checkup is a tool that claims to combine into a single package all the routine PC maintenance tasks.

It is designed for users who want an easy way to clean up a PC and keep on top of common Windows problems, without having to delve around in the inner workings of the operating system.

A 30-day free trial is available, but you need to create an AOL account (or login with an existing one) and provide payment details (credit or debit card) to sign up.

A small download is then installed, which only took a minute or two.

The program starts by backing up important files, then prompts to start the Smart PC Care module, which includes a Registry cleaner, defragmenter, internet privacy scan, junk file cleaner and a check for out-of-date or missing drivers.

The Privacy Protector tool – which checks cookies, history and more – had problems with Firefox 7, which AOL told us would be fixed by the time this issue is published.

We’re not keen on Registry cleaners which are usually unnecessary, but this and other modules may be disabled.

How this Software Application Work?

The driver checker is a good idea, though, and it found several updated motherboard drivers for us, which were automatically installed without a hitch.

There are 20 separate tools in all, and these can be run either from the main program menu or by clicking icons in the Start menu, and each can be scheduled to run regularly.

Some of these were very useful, such as a simple backup and restore tool, a tool for recovering deleted files, a PC Fixer for common Windows problems, an uninstall manager, a duplicate file remover and an unusual game optimiser that separates games from other running programs.

However, some parts of the program may just baffle ordinary users, such as the rather advanced system tweaks available in the Tune Up module.

All modules fitted together well, and although most of the features can be replicated using free software, AOL Computer Checkup will attract those who don’t want to have to mess around with lots of separate utilities.